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"Since the beginning of my journey I have always maintained my commitment to the craft of barbecue and empowering my community. I have been fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the love and connection that barbecue has afforded me an my family and I feel it's important to pass down the knowledge. As a small kid it was important not just for myself, but for other youth as well, to be able to have mentors to help navigate the waters of life and grow into an adult. The mentors gave us the opportunity to explore the different possibilities. 

— Chef Matt Horn

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Be one of the first to spark the fire

Lead by example and become one of the first graduate pitmasters from The Academy of Smoke.

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Learn the history and art of barbecue

A youth program to teach Bay Area kids with classes running once a week for four to six weeks. Launching Spring 2023.


Do you have what it takes? Learn all about The Academy of Smoke.

The Academy of Smoke

by Chef Matt Horn

Horn Barbecue

2534 Mandela Parkway

 Oakland, CA 94607

The Academy of Smoke is to help foster creativity, spark passion and create a safe space for local Bay Area youth to have fun, while hopefully inspiring a new generation of male and female pitmasters.

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